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Chris Vander Doelen @ Windsor Star

2014 February 10th — 18:02 EST


... Water levels in the Great Lakes are going to rise sharply this spring. They’re going to go way up for two reasons: record-setting snowfalls, and record-setting cold that is on the verge of bringing back full ice cover on the lakes for the first time in 40 years. ...

Counter Regattas for 2014

Saturday, May 17LMYC Shakedown to Put-in-Bay
Saturday – Sunday, June 28 – 29TRY-SEA Regatta
Saturday, July 12CIYC Maple Leaf Regatta
Saturday – Sunday, August 16 – 17SPSC Invitational Regatta
Saturday, August 23LMYC Fighting Island Regatta
Saturday – Sunday, August 30 – 31CIYC Rum Line Regatta ‒ Labour Day Regatta
Saturday, September 13SPSC Harvest Moon

2013 Awards*

Results Overall for Both Lakes
PHRF Class
Boat of the Year Spongeworthy Regnier,Mo DYC Shark
Second Place Slo Poke Lintunen,Tapani LMYC J 27
Third Place Shenanigans Johnson,Kelly SPSC VIKING 28
Lake Erie
PHRF Class
First place* Spongeworthy Regnier,Mo DYC Shark
Second place Slo Poke Lintunen,Tapani LMYC J 27
Third place Ten Forward Lightfoot,Will CIYC Mirage 338 XDK
Jog Class
First place Per Diem Wysynski,Chris CIYC C&C 26
Lake St. Clair
PHRF Class
First place One Too Many Renaud,Roger LMYC/SYC Thunderbird
Second place* Spongeworthy Regnier,Mo DYC Shark
Third place Wave Equation Arthur,Wesley SPSC Wavelenght 24
Jog Class
First place Vagabond Bellemore,Wayne SPSC C&C 27
* Using the interpretation that the Fighting Island regatta belongs to both lakes simultaneously. This is the first year in which the ambiguity in the "either lake" prescription comes into effect. Even if this interpretation is deemed inappropriate, the webmaster of this site is in no position to make the arbitrary decision as to which lake of the "either lake" scenario best suits the competitor. Hypothetically, overall results for both lakes may also be involved in such a decision, but that is not possible this year.

2013 Cox-Sprague Scores

Overall Cox-Sprague Scores Before Throw-outs

Results with Throw-Outs and Sorted for ...

Both Lakes Overall
Lake Erie
Lake St. Clair