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LMYC LMYC Fighting Island Regatta

counter for either lake

Hosted by: LaSalle Mariners Yacht Club

CIYCCIYC Rum Line Regatta

counter for L. Erie ‒ feeder race from the mouth of the river to CIYC

Hosted by: Cedar Island Yacht Club

CIYCCIYC Labour Day Regatta

counter for L. Erie

Hosted by: Cedar Island Yacht Club


SPSC Harvest Moon Regatta

counter for L. St. Clair

Hosted by: South Port Sailing Club

Friday, September 12th
1800Registration ($35) and welcoming committee for visiting boats
Saturday, September 13th
1000Deadline for late registration ($40)
1309Attention multiple-blast horn signal
1310First warning signal — multiples of 5 minutes between starts
~~Chili and beer will be available as boats arrive; however ...
1800Nominal dinner time for members and guests who choose not to race, and ...
~~First finishers start pulling in to harbour
~~Final finishers feel there way in under twilight— keep those gps's handy because there wont be any light until ...
Racing for the Following Classes
Classes to RacePHRF SplitsClass Flag &
Backstay Pennant
Warning no
Earlier Than
PHRF C196-upBlue1315
PHRF B145-195Green1330
PHRF A0-144Yellow1345


Keith Matheny @ Detroit Free Press

2014 August 10th


... All of the Great Lakes, with the exception of Lakes Michigan and Huron, are above their long-term average depths going back to 1918. And Michigan and Huron are at their highest water levels since 1998 ...

GLOBE STAFF @ The Globe and Mail

2014 June 30th — 10:58 EDT


... The good news is muted, though, by the fact that this year’s higher levels come after a period of record lows. ...

Counter Regattas for 2014

Saturday, May 17LMYC Shakedown to Put-in-Bay
Saturday – Sunday, June 28 – 29CANCELLED TRY-SEA Regatta
Saturday, July 12CIYC Maple Leaf Regatta
Saturday – Sunday, August 16 – 17SPSC Invitational Regatta
Saturday, August 23LMYC Fighting Island Regatta
Saturday – Sunday, August 30 – 31CIYC Rum Line Regatta ‒ Labour Day Regatta
Saturday, September 13SPSC Harvest Moon