Windy Shakedown

Here’s a report from Nik Lintunen & Heather Naysmith on this year’s Shakedown:

Hello Racers,

I hope everybody enjoyed Saturday’s wet and windy ride. 25 to 30 knots of breeze, large waves and some flood level high water on the island certainly made for an interesting weekend. Congratulations to all of the teams who toughed it out and made it to the finish, this was one of the most challenging Shakedowns that we can remember. For those that were asking, we have not yet handed out any flags, due to the fleet being spread out between different marinas and most skippers and crews bee lining it to bars and hotel rooms to warm up, corralling a bunch of wet and cold sailors into one location didn’t quite work out. Due to an electronics failure, results currently only exist in pen and paper format. We will have the full results posted to the LMYC and EC PHRF websites as soon as possible. In the meantime below are the top 3 finishers in each fleet. Also a big thank you to our starting line race committee, Yvonne McRobbie, Scott Pilon, Bob Reaume, John Metcalf, Maggie Evans, Barb Alberich, and our finish line committee of Zane Handyside and Val Gujban.

Nik Lintunen
Heather Naysmith

1. Roadkill *fastest elapsed
2. Zephyr Hawk
3. Underdog

1. Sponge Worthy *best corrected
2. 2nd Wind
3. Go Train

1. Silverheels II
2. Hullabaloo

Short Handed
1. Kyrre
2. Ratso

Complete results can be found here.