Rev 3 (4-21-04) 


Name of the Organization 

The name of the organization shall be known as the Essex County PHRF Association


Purpose of the Association 

To promote yacht racing using a handicap based on a boat’s performance under local conditions.

To assist individual yacht club race chairman with current ratings for yachts competing in local events.

To welcome and encourage new and existing yacht owners to race under P.H.R.F in Essex County.

To encourage members to participate in a challenging series of races using existing local clubs annual regatta’s and to award our best competing members.


Qualification of members 

Membership is open to individuals interested in yacht racing using the P.H.R.F. system regardless if they are current yacht owners or not provided he / she pays the annual fee fixed by the association he / she shall be eligible for holding office and shall have a voice in the affairs of the association.


Annual dues shall be $20.00 per year. Dues are payable upon receiving yearly registration form. The Fee remains $20.00 prior to May 10th for individuals re- registering. A late registration fee of $40.00 will be due to all be new registering individuals after May 10th. The privileges of the association shall be with drawn for individuals who have not paid their current dues and may be reinstated upon payment of such dues. An individuals yacht score in a local regatta will be invalid as a counter race for ECPHRF Boat of the Year unless his / her annual dues are paid prior to the date of that particular regatta. In addition the said yacht shall incur 10 sec penalty for the said race.


Restriction Upon Members 

Members shall not while attending the Association meeting or sanctioned functions, indulge in personalities or undesirable language, or upon any political, religious or socially affiliations of its members.

The Executive Committee, by a vote of two-thirds of its membership at any of its meetings may remove from the membership role the name of any member who contravenes this restriction.



a) 1. Commodore

2. Vice Commodore

3. Secretary / Treasurer

b) The Executive members of Commodore, Vice Commodore and Secretary Treasurer shall be elected by the general membership.

The executive shall be elected at the March General Meeting and shall remain in office two years or until a new executive is elected at an annual General Meeting.

The executive committee shall consist of all elected appointed officers.

Should an elected or appointed office become vacant for any reason it will be filled by an appointment by the Executive Committee.

An Executive member who does not comply with assigned responsibilities may be relieved of his / her office by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

A nomination committee to prepare a slate of new executive officers shall consist of the out going Commodore and two immediate past Commodores.

Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the Annual General Meeting.

Chief Measurer (Handicapper) shall be appointed by the Executive committee.

Measurers and Delegates shall be elected or appointed by each club General Membership or Executive.


Duties of the Executive 


  1. Schedule and conduct executive meetings as necessary
  2. Circulate agenda one week in advance of executive meetings
  3. Write informational newsletters to membership
  4. Arrange for Flags and Boat of the Year Trophy to be presented at the winners Award Banquet.
  5. May attend Handicappers meetings when required.

Vice Commodore 

  1. Collect individual club regatta results
  2. Order and purchase E.C.P.A. Flags (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) prior to Awards Banquet.
  3. Act as Liaison Officer between M.O.R.C. and Shark Executives to arrange all and finalize all matters for combined Awards Banquet.
  4. Secure ‘BOAT OF THE YEAR’ Trophy and arrange for engraving prior to the Awards Banquet.
  5. Deliver Flags and Trophy to the winners Awards Banquet.
  6. May attend Handicappers meetings when required.

E.C.P.A. Secretary Treasurer 

1. Prepare and maintain membership list that includes:

  1. Name, address and telephone number including e-mail address if available.
  2. Boat name, type and sail number.
  3. Boat rating and measurement data.
  1. Mail or provide a copy of the membership list to each member prior to 1s E.C.P.A. sponsored regatta.
  2. Keep minutes of executive meetings.

d) Prepare financial statements prior to Executive and General Meetings.

Contact and forward ‘Dues notice’ as necessary to any member who has allowed his membership to lapse.

Handle all financial matters relating to E.C.P.A.

Prepare and mail new membership cards to each member with proper information, signatures etc.

Attend and document minutes to Handicappers meetings when required.

E.C.P.A. Measurers 

  1. Measure boat and sails upon request using a current E.C.P.A. measurement form
  2. Forward any measurement copies to Chief Measurer.
  3. Collect a measurement fee which is consistent with E.C.P.A. guidelines as recommended.

E.C.P.A. Club Delegates 

1. Assist E.C.P.A. members and potential members in their clubs to arrange for their boats and sails to be measured as soon as possible through use of their area club measurer.

2. Provide race committee chairman with up to date E.C.P.A. ratings (including provisional ratings) prior to their respective regatta’s, available from the Secretary / Treasurer.

3. Guarantee that method for calculating P.H.R.F. results is consistent with E.C.P.A. standards.

4. Obtain your club regatta results and pass along to the Vice Commodore as soon as possible after your regatta.


The Executive Committee 

a) The Executive Committee shall consist of all elected (and appointed) officers.

b) The Executive Committee shall have the control of the affairs of the Association, property and funds, and shall transact all such business as is not subject to the approval of the membership. It shall exercise all the powers authorized by the Constitution and By-laws.


General Membership Meetings 

The annual General Membership Meeting shall be held during the month of March.


Order of Business 

1. Reading of the minutes of the last meeting

2. Reading of the Treasurers report.

3. Report of the Executive Officers.

4. Report of Chief Handicapper, Measurers and Club Delegates.

5. Unfinished business.

6. New business

7. Adjournment.

The meetings of the Association shall be conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order.


Requirement for a Quorum 

1. 35% of the membership shall be in attendance.

2. 75% of the membership in attendance is required to change the Constitution.